SMARTENGINEERING @ Economia Circolare tra Terra e Spazio – 30/06/2021

The Aerospace sector is increasingly becoming a strategic and continuously growing reference sector for SMARTENGINEERING.

Yesterday, Wednesday 30th of June, the “Circular Economy between Earth and Space” event was held at the Infinite Area of ​​Montebelluna (TV). The venture was dedicated to the importance of the Circular Economy and the Space Economy, destined to have a stronger impact on companies and their technological choices.

Among the participants invited at the event, SMARTENGINEERING represented by Eng. Diego Trevisan, Production Manager of the office of Mestre. Speakers of the initiative, Emanuele Bompan, environmental journalist of Renewable Matter, the first international magazine dedicated to the circular economy, and Anilkumar Dave, member of the Advisory Board of the Global Entrepreneurship Network Space and of the Space Economy Observatory of Politecnico di Milano.