Your Global Partner
in Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering

SMARTENGINEERING offers decades of consolidated experience, know-how and a team of 150 engineers. We are experts in Mechanics and Mechatronics, Team Management and organizational Empowerment processes.

Packaging, industrial and pharmaceutical automation engineers

From calculation and analysis processes to production and control flows

Cutting-edge solutions for transport and automotive industries

Design, planning and construction of assembly lines

Many years of experience in aerospace and aeronautics

From automation to packaging for the pharmaceutical and medical sector

We work on very innovative solutions and with a very high level of technological impulse

Services and skills for the Industrial innovation

Project Management

Through specialized figures, to be employed also by the customer, we guarantee experience and support in managing the project in every step, from design to tests.
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Calculation and Simulation

We provide the most advanced calculation and computation systems, reducing product development time and costs.
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Mechanical Design

Experts in the field of industrial engineering with over 100 highly qualified engineers.
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Rapid Prototyping

Our rapid prototyping service transforms our customers' ideas into real products, using the latest generation 3D printer.
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Academy and Training

We support our Partners in improving their skills.
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Let's start with the performances

"The continuous search for new technological solutions and their use on an experimental basis are very often real strategic choices for our customers for what concerns the research and production of even more performing concepts." It is at this stage that SMARTENGINEERING's know-how generates tangible positive effects on the performance and effectiveness of solutions.


Technological Innovation

Technological innovation is the concrete application of our knowledges or ideas. The result of our commitment for what concerns research and carrying out all our projects and activities aimed at achieving the objectives set by our customers. Study in every field of applicability of mechanical engineering and mechatronics, research, sensitivity and attention to details by our engineers represent the major source in the introduction of new methods and methodologies, effectiveness and constant strength in relation to the ability to generate new technology and progress.

Methods and processes for a smarter innovation

“There is nothing more practical than a good theory”: we have the ability to deal with the mechanical problems of our customers starting from a deep knowledge about studies and theories, we made of concepts about theory and practice, a unicum to achieve the best possible result in the shortest possible time. To solve mechanical problems we use both advanced mathematical bases and simulations with dedicated software, all guided by expert engineers active in finding the most suitable solution every time.

Highly qualified engineers


Academies per year

Hours of design

Completed projects