SMARTENGINEERING Academies are the strategic heart of our Learning Organization, a physical place where candidates are recipients of training interventions and, above all, active figures in the development, sharing and dissemination of the corporate culture.

Conceived with the aim to contribute to the pursuit of the corporate mission, they are distinguished in internal paths aimed at the entry of new resources into the company and in training courses created ad hoc for our customers, thus becoming investment and value for the latter as well.

Training On Job



The Academies were created with the aim of spreading and promoting the use of on-the-job training in the company, developing and updating increasingly high-performance skills and trying to generate a leverage effect in the training of young graduates.

The goal is to identify the portfolio of skills required by businesses and to experiment with innovative learning methods and programs, based on training courses to be implemented in the company directly.

Our support during the University career

SMARTENGINEERING significantly invests in the training of its collaborators also with ventures to strengthen synergies and skills with partner Universities, both with a view to enhancing the number of recent graduates within our company and to promote the knowledge of our know-how with seminars, workshops, open and recruiting days organized within the Universities themselves.

Curricular internships, post-graduate internships, thesis inside company, direct insertions and research projects are the many paths that SMARTENGINEERING makes available to students, undergraduates and recent graduates.

The curricular internship is a training experience that we offer to those attending the master’s degree course at Universities we collaborate with. The extracurricular internship offers and the related requirements for applying are considered on a case by case basis. Furthermore, with the aim of supporting students with the choice of post-graduate path, SMARTENGINEERING organizes dissemination campaigns to inform young people about the current situation of the labor market, but also to stimulate comparison on personal attitudes and skills, necessary to enter and integrate into the world of work in general and, in particular, in the field of engineering.

Thesis, training and orientation internships.