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Confindustria about SMARTENGINEERING

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SMART INDUSTRY, strategic partner for the industrial design.

Ozzano dell’Emilia – Building a team of specialists able to respond in time to the demands of a global market in continuous transformation.
SMART INDUSTRY was born as a response to change, a key concept of this historical period, a brand that includes two companies specialized in industrial design: SMARTENGINEERING, which has been developing projects in the field of mechanics and mechatronics for some of the most important names at international level in the fields of Automation, Packaging, Machine Tools, Automotive, Assembly Machine and SMARTINNOVATION, specialized in training and consulting, and characterized by a methodological approach able to increase company performance. Two realities that were born with the aim of expanding growth opportunities to new markets through partnership opportunities with strategic allies able to offer the customer a complete package of vertical skills.
“It is a one of a kind project – says Daniele Dall’Olio, founder of SMART INDUSTRY – we aim to create a strong commercial brand, able to create synergies with other societies in possess of technologies complementary to ours, in order to satisfy the even more requests of our customers, in other words excellent vertical skills able to develop innovation”.

The SMART INDUSTRY brand encloses – as already said – two complementary companies. SMARTENGINEERING, engineering company active since over 20 years, benefits of an expert team of Mechanical designers supported by graduated engineers coming from the best Italian Universities.
“We decided to use the name smart as it is synonymous of flexibility, dynamism and intelligence – says the President, Lia Grandi.
“It is a reality high qualified for what concerns the industrial field in particular the mechanic and mechatronic design and advanced calculation. Its staff is operative in three offices, Ozzano, Rovereto and Mestre, and one of the aims is to go on to improve and grow under different points of view: territory, logistic, market, thanks to the implementation of skills in other sectors. We also aim to grow professionally and technically, but also with our staff and direction.”

The other company of the brand is SMARTINNOVATION, which deals with 360-degree training on Cad tools, with one important difference. Compared to the competitors, it offers the possibility of using these tools with purely design purposes, through methodologies that are different depending on the type of product that companies have to develop.
“This is a company that crosses all participants in the SMART INDUSTRY brand – underlines the President Paolo Golfarini – which offers this service both to the brand’s companies and to customers’ companies, with the enormous advantage of training staff who immediately support the designers of the companies, in order to work with the same methods and be productive from the first day with the advantage of immediately reducing the design times of products that companies develop with an important qualitative improvement deriving from the fact that using the same methodologies the timing of understanding anything developed by different users is reduced”.
150 highly specialized engineers, 15 thousand square meters of production space, advanced technologies and test rigs, 1000 trained engineers and 230 specialized technicians for an average of 280 thousand hours/year of design. On the strength of this know-how, the SMART INDUSTRY brand officially entered the market on October 1st and is preparing to win over new customers with a vertical skills package and a synergy project with absolutely new strategic partners for the industrial engineering sector.

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